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Shipment is using the service of EMS or DHL and takes 7-14 days to deliver.
The shipping cost will be 10 USD flat except to Europe, UK and Canada it cost 20 USD. Separate orders will be shipped separately.
Please be aware that multiple orders cannot be shipped collectively, even if shipments are forwarded to the same address.
The Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to or loss of items occurring during shipping.
When items ordered cannot be delivered due to the customer’s own reasons (such as long-term absence or incorrectly typed forwarding address, or customer’s refusal to accept delivery,) or if the customer fails to accept the shipment within the courier’s storage period (14 days from the delivery date), the Company will contact the customer for confirmation at that point. If we are unable to contact the customer, we will take procedures to cancel said order.
Also please note that we may not be able to accept future orders from said customer.